Professional Solid State Video Recorders

Unthrottle your camera's potential


A Production Studio In The Palm Of Your Hand

Brand: Convergent Design
Warranty: 12 Months


Apollo is a portable multichannel monitor/recorder. Apollo can simultaneously record up to four HD video signals, along with a fifth channel of either a live-switch between the four or a quad-split reference view. Apollo can also function as a four-channel live switcher while simultaneously recording the four isolated HD video signals. The size of a small tablet and able to run for hours on a camcorder battery, Apollo is truly portable and the only device of its kind that can both record multiple HD camera feeds as well as live-switch between them. It’s a production studio in the palm of your hand.

All cameras stay in perfect sync with matching timecode.  A single SSD contains all of the multi-camera media, dramatically reducing turnaround time for post.  There are two SSD slots on Apollo, allowing for twice the record time or mirror recording for safety backup.  Apollo utilises industry-standard 2.5” SSD media, either manufactured by Convergent Design or qualified 3rd party models. Using the new Apollo Media Managerâ„¢ App, recordings can be exported as separate Apple ProRes files or as a single multi-camera QuickTime file that drops directly into the timeline of supporting NLEs such as Final Cut Pro-X. 


Convergent Design Approved SSDs

  • Samsung 850 PRO 128GB
  • Samsung 850 PRO 256GB
  • Samsung 850 PRO 512GB
  • Samsung 850 PRO 1024GB (1TB)
  • Samsung 850 EVO 1000GB


What's in the box:

1 x Apollo Unit
1 x Apollo Australian / New Zealand PSU
1 x SDI Cable
1 x HDMI CtoD Cable
1 x 2.5” SSD Plastic Carrying Case
1 x SSD Handle Pack of 5
1 x USB3/ to SSD Adapter


  • Apollo:
  • Odyssey/Apollo Case:
  • SSD Media Tabs:
  • Sun Hood:
  • Screen Protector:
  • USB3 to SATA Adapter: