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Assemblage Uses URSA Mini Pro 4.6K and DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel for Riot Games Video

Fremont, CA – September 4, 2017 – Blackmagic Design today announced that Tokyo based production company, Assemblage, used a Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K and DaVinci Resolve with DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel for gaming giant Riot Games' latest video project.

Riot Games is a California, USA based video game developer, publisher and eSports tournament organizer, famous for their signature title game, League of Legends. They have additional offices all over the world, including Tokyo.

The Tokyo based multicultural production company, Assemblage, recently shot and handled post production on Riot Game's new corporate and recruit video. Alexandre Bartholo, the DoP for this project and also CEO of Assemblage said, "This project is a mix of corporate and recruiting video to attract both customers and the new talent they are looking for. We shot in their studio and their offices and interviewed many people there."

Alex continued: "Firstly I was planning to use just one camera for this entire project, but time was short. I wanted to capture shots from various angles. Plus I recently began using the ARRI Master Anamorphic lens set. I thought how can I get the most from these? So, I decided to add another camera - the URSA Mini Pro."

"I was looking for a camera that could capture a 10bit image, shoot in ProRes, has ND filters and has a PL mount. I tested other cameras which have similar features, however, and they required additional things such as external recorders and cables. On the other hand, the URSA Mini Pro comes with everything built in, which also meant less potential points of failure. I don't have to worry about external gear causing problems while shooting. Plus image quality is great too."

The URSA Mini Pro was used to capture close ups and B roll. The entire shoot was shot in URSA Mini Pro's anamorphic mode and in 23.98 fps, except for the B roll which was shot in 40 fps. "I mostly handheld the URSA Mini Pro as we did not have time to put it onto a tripod. Shooting B roll in slow motion makes a somewhat cleaner handheld shot and makes looks more interesting," said Alex.

"While I was shooting, I mostly used the URSA Viewfinder, which was easy to use and the color is accurate. I like the physical controls on the camera where I can change white balance, LUTs and ND filters while looking at my picture via the Viewfinder. Also the de-squeeze button on the camera is very useful when shooting in anamorphic."

While shooting, the URSA Mini Pro was always on stand by so that he could get B roll anytime. "One of the great aspects of the URSA Mini Pro is its compactness. Everything is built in and easy to carry around. It was hard to use other cameras for B roll as it needed a lot of rigging to attach before you could really start shooting, and it was then too heavy and no longer good for hand held B roll shooting."

"I have used the original URSA Mini too and I liked it but the biggest benefit of the new model for me is the built in ND filters and swappable mount. Even though I wanted to use a PL mount for this project, I may need to use EF lenses for some documentary shoots, so it is great to swap lens mounts depending on my work. Also, I am more comfortable using built in ND filters than having external ND filters as I can't be entirely sure I am blocking an equal amount of IR, which can be a big deal in post production as black can become a little bit tinted. So having a camera with internal ND filters, I can be sure black is black."

For color grading, Alex used DaVinci Resolve Studio and the new DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel.

"Previously I've used a third party control panel for grading, and now switched to the Mini Panel. The build quality is amazing, I didn't expect something this good within this price range. It's solid and the feel is really nice. The way its organized is nice too, and I can access many features. It also easy to set up, just plug and play with USB. I prefer the touch of the wheels and balls a lot more than my previous panel. I really like the screens on the panel, too as it shows so much information about what I'm doing. Especially when I use various types of Power Windows, having a visual clue is very helpful," Alex concluded.

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