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New Firmware for Gemini 4:4:4 Unleashes 3D Option and ALEXA 4:3 Support

September 6th 2012, Colorado Springs, CO, USA,  Today Convergent Design released production-level firmware, 1.2.100, for the Gemini 4:4:4, which includes our 3D Option and ARRI ALEXA ARRIRAW 4:3 support .

The Gemini 4:4:4 Stereo 3D Option is incorporated into this firmware release. This is an extra cost option for the Gemini 4:4:4 and may be purchased through your local Dealer. Once purchased, an activation code will be provided to fully enable the 3D Option. The 3D Option supports record and playback, and includes multiple combining features, including: Side-by-Side, Line-by-Line, Anaglyph, 50% + 50% Composite, Left minus Right Luma, and Right minus Left Luma.  Any of these functions can be previewed on the built-in 5” LCD Monitor, and via the HD-SDI A output. Another function can be chosen separately for the HD-SDI B output.

Gemini 4:4:4’s ARRIRAW Option will now include 4:3 support in addition to the already released 16:9 support. The 4:3 mode adds the ability to record up to 48 fps. This includes a Desqueeze option, not currently available on most other recorders, for confidence monitoring on the built-in LCD, or via an external monitor. Desqueeze is designed to work with the 2.0x anamorphic lenses. The 4:3 support is FREE for all ARRIRAW Option license holders, and is included in new upgrades as part of the ARRIRAW Option.

Likewise, firmware 1.2.100 includes Variframe support for the ARRI ALEXA. This feature is available to both ALEXA HD (.DPX) and ARRIRAW (.ARI) recordings.  Gemini 4:4:4 auto-detects Variframe directly from the ALEXA for proper operation, eliminating the need to set an option. This is significant, as this prevents the possibility of leaving Variframe on in the recorder, but off in the camera, which would cause loss of footage.

Both the Stereo 3D and ARRIRAW Options are available in Demo Mode for all Gemini 4:4:4 users with this release. Future Options, such as the Canon 4K Cinema Raw and 2K/HD POV Raw, will also be available in Demo Mode. This gives one access to the full features, files and workflow for testing, but with a permanent watermark in the image.

A Project Frame Rate feature has also been added, and this adds increased versatility to the unit, allowing the playback frame rate (the Project Frame Rate) to be different from the video input frame rate. For example, if video input is set at a 59.94 fps and the Project Frame Rate is set to 23.98, the captured footage will play back in slow motion on the built-in LCD, and external monitors, producing a 2.5x slow motion ratio.

Time-Lapse Support, SSD Progress Bars, Clip Merge Utility (combines data that has been striped during high frame rate recording), Option Licensing Protection, and other Video and Power Integrity Checks are included in this release as well. For a full list of Gemini 4:4:4 features, including the Release Notes, please visit:

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