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Naked Inc. Uses Teranex Minis for Art Project “TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED”

Fremont, CA - October 12, 2017 - Blackmagic Design announced today that Tokyo based creative company, Naked Inc., used a number of Teranex Minis for their modern art project, “TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED,” including Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI-12G, Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad SDI and Micro Converter SDI to HDMI. DaVinci Resove Studio was also used for color correction of the projects marketing videos.

Started as a production company, Naked Inc. has expanded their creative productions to include a wide variety medias and genres such as film, advertisement, TV and installation. In particular, they are acclaimed for space production using the latest technologies, such as projection mapping. One of their famous projects is a 3D projection mapping “TOKYO HIKARI VISION” in 2012, where they used Tokyo station’s red brick station building as a screen for projection mapping, drawing an audience of about 18,000 in only two days.

Their new project, “TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED,” reproduced major areas of Tokyo, such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, by scale models, and was shown with about 100 projectors, LED lights, music, special effects and a performance by SUMRIZE, a dance group.

A number of Blackmagic Design’s Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G, Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad SDI and Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI were used for the project’s workflow to send video feeds to the various projectors from 10 computers, which controlled the projectors.

The output from the computers were sent to eight Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G, and then connected to eight Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad SDI. Taking advantage of Teranex Mini supporting 4K, four individual HD video feeds could be sent, which allowed them to send more feeds from one device. Also Naked needed to send the feed to projectors far away from their control room, so they used Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI converters. Each output of Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad-SDI was connected to a Micro Converter SDI to HDMI via 20m SDI cable, where it was then converted to HDMI to send the feed to a projector’s HDMI input. SDI cables were used for ensuring stable feeds across the long distances.

Bungo Nakamura of Naked Inc., who was in charge of technical part of this project, said: “We have been using Blackmagic products such as DaVinci Resolve, so we had a feeling of security using Blackmagic gear. Also, if we wanted to do the same thing with other products, it costs so much more. As Blackmagic is very affordable, it’s easier for us to purchase a lot of them.”

Nakamura continued: “There used to be a limitation on the number of outputs that could be sent from one computer. However, using Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad SDI, we can send up to four times the output, which allowed us to expand our creative capacity. It is the biggest advantage of using the Teranex Mini Converter. If you use more computers to output video feed, it gets more difficult to control them. So the less number of computers, the better.”

Also, the Teranex Mini HDMI to SDI 12G and the Teranex Mini 12G to Quad SDI were used with Teranex Mini Smart Panels. “With Smart Panels, I could check the video on the Teranex Minis, so operation was very smooth. Also, if there were any issues in transmission, it was easier to find where the problem was happening, which was a big help.”

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