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Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K and Video Assist Used to Broadcast 2016 World Table Tennis Championship

Fremont, CA - May 27, 2016 - Blackmagic Design announced today that Qoncept, Inc. (Qoncept) used Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K and Video Assist for image processing while broadcasting the World Table Tennis Championship, which was recently broadcast to a live audience via TV-Tokyo Corporation.

Headquartered in Tokyo, with overseas offices in Shanghai, Qoncept is one of the few companies that provide AR/VR services, using their in-house developed Qoncept AR Engine.

The broadcast, aired on TV-Tokyo, required Qoncept to make the matches look more interesting and entertaining to viewers. By combining the Qoncept AR Engine and Blackmagic Design products, the system could use a wide variety of data from the footage shot with two Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4Ks, and was able to provide unique in-broadcast features. This includes being able to analyze the speed of each player’s ball and the specific area that the player’s attacking shot was placed.

“We shot the table tennis tables during the game using two Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4Ks and Video Assists. The two cameras were in sync using Blackmagic Sync Generator and shot in stereo 3D,” said Kenichi Hayashi,Ph.D. Qoncept’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “By analyzing the stereo 3D footage we received in our OB van, we were able to capture the movement of the player’s ball in three dimension and in real-time.”

“By collecting all the data of the specific area of where the players were attacking, we were able to provide the data to the commentators during the play-back scene as well as measure the speed of the ball. We were able to provide further information to enhance the commentator’s responses,” continued Hayashi. “Because the speed of the ball was too fast, we set the shutter speed by checking Video Assist as a monitor. Having the shutter speed set at 1,000 meant the footage was really dark. However, even with that constraint, the output of Blackmagic Design’s Micro Studio Camera 4K was 10 bit and we were able to image analyze using the difference of brightness.”

The Championship was the first time Qoncept had tried transmitting live and it was done overseas. Qoncept were initially not sure how far all the cables would need to be set in order to support the technical delivery of a broadcast such as this.

“To avoid the technical issues, we implemented a simple structure and this is where Blackmagic Design really assisted the team. With Video Assist and Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, all we had to do is simply connect the two and send an SDI output to the OB van,” explained Hayashi. “In the OB van, a Blackmagic DeckLink was used to capture footage from the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K. By inserting two DeckLinks in to a PCI express to Thunderbolt enclosure, we could seamlessly capture the 1080p stereo signal.”

“We have previously used Blackmagic Studio Cameras to shoot footage in order to image-analyze during live broadcasting of the Athletic World Championships. Those types of games are usually held overseas, therefore the smaller the equipment the better. During the Games, Blackmagic Studio Camera was so compact and portable that I was able to carry them in a backpack. Now it’s even easier with the Micro Studio Camera 4K, which has greatly reduced our shipping and transportation costs.”

Hayashi also valued the battery of the Micro Studio Camera and Video Assist. “We had to use batteries during the set up and adjusting. After all the set up, we switched over to AC. What was really impressive was that we could use the same battery for both Video Assist and the Micro Studio Camera 4K.”

“We used this technology for live production which is an entertainment use, but I think this can also be utilized for daily training for athletes,” concluded Hayashi.

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Since established in 2008 with Osaka University Lab, we have worked on developing technologies focusing on image processing and AR. Our tracking technology has been applied to various areas such as broadcasting, sports, advertisement, publishing, and games.

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