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Brazil's O2 Filmes Grades Ivete Sangalo Virtual Reality Video with DaVinci Resolve Studio

Fremont, CA - January 21, 2016 - Blackmagic Design today announced that the new 360 degree virtual reality music video for Latin Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Ivete Sangalo was graded by O2 Filmes using DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio. Debuted in December 2015, “O Farol” is the first video released by Ivete Sangalo in more than 10 years.

O2 Filmes is the largest production and post production house in Brazil, known for creating a wide range of films, television shows and commercials aired around the world. Using DaVinci Resolve Studio, the color grading tool of choice used on every O2 Filmes production, and under the direction of O2’s post production general manager Paulo Barcellos, the O2 post team was able to turn around the music video in just two weeks’ time.

“To achieve 360 degrees of video, we shot with four cameras. This translated into a colossal amount of material, making the post process incredibly slow," Barcellos explained. "Fortunately, we could use DaVinci Resolve Studio’s network rendering feature to divide the footage up onto multiple machines. Without this capability, each frame would have taken about five minutes to render. Resolve sped the process up tremendously and enabled us to meet our tight two week deadline.” 

DaVinci Resolve Studio also allowed O2 Filmes to seamlessly match the footage from the production’s four cameras. Using DaVinci Resolve Color Match, shots from all four cameras were automatically balanced so video from every angle could be flawlessly stitched together to create the 360 degree picture.

“The auto balance feature for matching cameras is amazing,” Barcellos said. “It was really helpful because any difference in the shots would be very noticeable, as we were not cutting from one shot to another.”

Creating a VR music video that would feel as though the viewer was on set with Ivete Sangalo required O2 Filmes to work on a flat image that would then be wrapped back into 360 degrees of footage. This resulted in an odd aspect ratio for the music video, rather than a standard, commonly accepted format. Fortunately for Barcellos, DaVinci Resolve Studio handled it with no issues.

Barcellos commented: “The good thing about DaVinci Resolve Studio is that you can throw anything at it and it will work. Not a single project goes out of O2 Filmes that hasn’t been worked on in Resolve. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free job or million dollar production. The color tracker is just amazing, as are the chroma keys, both of which came in handy for this music video.”

O2 Filmes is currently working on a “flat” version of the “O Farol” music video, which will be distributed for television and additional distribution platforms that don’t support 360 degree video.

O2 Filmes’s massive 8,500 square meters of creative space, located in São Paulo, includes more than 70 Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio seats used for color grading and editing. The O2 expansive client list features top projects that attract A list freelance editors from all over the country.

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