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Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation Upgrades with Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Processor and ATEM Television Studio

Fremont, CA - February 5, 2013 - Blackmagic Design today announced that Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC), one of the most influential television and radio networks in China, has installed Blackmagic Design’s Teranex 2D Processors and ATEM Television Studio production switcher as part of a major studio upgrade project. 

In addition to traditional video feeds, including VTRs, satellites and microwave, JSBC’s upgraded studio is now equipped to handle multimedia from computers via DVI or HDMI to display on video walls and large screens, enhancing interactivity and the viewer experience. The studio handles a wide variety of formats, which need to be converted quickly and efficiently, and is using the Teranex 2D Processors for DVI/HDMI to SDI conversions, as well as frame rate conversions for multimedia output from computers mounted outside the studio, which use SDI cables to reach the video walls and screens inside the studio. 

“We are converting all of our cabling to SDI throughout the facility, and that brings with it a need for fast conversions around the entire facility,” said Wang Liang, engineer of the Television Technology Department, JSBC, who is in charge of the project. “The Teranex 2D Processors allow us to easily convert HDMI to SDI as well as different frame rates to the ones our screens support, and they have been working perfectly.” 

The Teranex 2D Processors also work in conjunction with an ATEM Television Studio to manage the computer feeds. “Considering performance and reliability, we gave up the idea of using the traditional KVM to switch HD video from these computers. Instead, we adopted a solution incorporating the Teranex 2D Processors and an ATEM Television Studio to switch video, while the mouse and keyboard switching is left to a common KVM switch,” Wang Liang said.

Using this solution, several computers connect directly to the ATEM Television Studio via HDMI, while the remaining computers’ HDMI is converted to SDI by the Teranex 2D Processors before connecting to the ATEM Television Studio. All the switching is managed by the ATEM’s free control software, and the built in multi view lets the JSBC operator see all sources simultaneously via one HDMI monitor. 

As one of the first Chinese broadcasters to offer simultaneous HD and SD broadcasting, JSBC uses one of the Teranex 2D Processors to downconvert the ATEM’s HD SDI output before it’s sent to the control room.  

JSBC has also installed several HyperDeck Studio SSD based broadcast decks to capture HD images to 10 bit Avid DNxHD files and store them on common high speed SSDs to reduce recording costs. JSBC engineers also use the HyperDeck Studio as a directional HDMI/SDI converter, since it includes both HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs. 

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