UltraStudio Pro

The world's first broadcast-quality uncompressed 10 bit editing solution for USB 3.0

Brand: Blackmagic Design
Warranty: 3 Years
Platform: Windows

UltraStudio Pro is the world's first broadcast-quality SD/HD capture and playback solution for USB 3.0 computers! UltraStudio Pro combines the latest broadcast technology with an attractive ultra-thin design which looks great on your desk! With the incredible speed of USB 3.0 running at a massive 4.8 Gb/s, UltraStudio Pro easily has enough speed for the highest quality uncompressed 10 bit HD video with the maximum possible real-time effects!

Innovative Design: UltraStudio Pro's innovative design looks great on your desk while hiding the cables behind the unit. With dozens of audio and video connections built in, you can keep your studio neat and clean! UltraStudio Pro displays audio levels for accurate audio level calibration. UltraStudio Pro's chassis is machined from solid metal with high grip silicon feet, so it's strong enough to withstand the most harsh broadcast environments.